Dermolipectomy or abdominoplasty

We are pioneers in combining conventional liposuction technique with skin removal and reconstruction of the abdominal muscles in one intervention. We have more than three hundred such operations with very satisfactory results in terms of volume loss, skin tightening and rejuvenation of the shape of the abdomen through the internal remodeling of the muscles.

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The deformities of the abdomen may be very different in their characteristics and severity. Thus, there are only slight alterations that affect adipose tissue and that can be successfully corrected with a small liposuction with local anesthesia.

However, other deformities in women who have had pregnancies or significant weight loss require removal of skin and fat, and also usually, repair of the muscles of the abdominal wall. The intervention for the correction of these more severe deformities is what we call abdominoplasty.

Over the years, and especially in people who have experienced significant fluctuations in weight or multiple pregnancies, a typical deformity of the abdomen occurs, which causes bulging and sagging. This causes a significant change in body shape, appearing a ‘belly” under the navel, a widening and waist loss, and a bulge in the stomach. In some cases, you can get to having a large excess of skin and fat, which together with the flaccidity of tissues produces a sagging like an apron, which can cover the pubic area.

caso 2 Abdominoplastia - Dr. Federico Mayo

These disorders of the abdomen, usually also affect its muscular wall, which becomes flaccid and loses its firmness. Sometimes hernias can occur or separation of the core muscles of the abdomen (rectus muscles diastasis).

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct these deformities, trying to get a firm and smooth abdomen, with marked and narrower waist.

The procedure involves removing skin and fat left over in the abdomen below the navel, plication of the abdominal muscles is performed, to firm the abdominal wall and the skin is stretched downwards creating a new navel. Necessarily, there is a long scar on the lower abdomen, but it can be easily covered even with a reduced size bikini.

During the consultation, after examination, we will try to clarify to the most your condition, and will give accurate information about the surgical procedures that can improve your specific case.

We will make a clinical examination, to consider the configuration of your abdomen and the characteristics of your skin, fat and muscles of the abdominal wall.

Once collected all clinical data, we will discuss in detail your wishes and possibilities that surgery has to get them.

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