Gluteal augmentation

Aumento de glúteos - antes y después

The gluteal augmentation surgery is indicated for people who need to give more projection to the top of their buttocks. This increase is achieved by introducing cohesive silicone prostheses gel specially designed for this type of intervention, whose size varies depending on the needs of each patient into the maximus gluteus muscle.

The scars are hidden in the intergluteal cleft, where they are negligible. After the operation a gaza is placed in the affected area to keep the implants in their correct position. The first few days you will not be able to sit and you will have to remain lying prone or standing. The discomfort will gradually yield in the first week and you may take up work again after that time.

This procedure is often associated with liposuction of of the flanks, love handles, inner thighs or lower back area in the fold between the gluteal and leg in order to improve the contour of this area.

In those patients requiring a large volume liposuction, the gluteal augmentation can also be performed with the fat obtained after being centrifuged and injected into the gluteal muscle.

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