Burqa made of flesh


A “Burqa made of flesh” was a definition of Aesthetic Surgery done by the Vatican last month of February in a document issued to discuss in the bosom of the Catholic Church. And adds: 

“a so successful as hurtful definition, given by a woman. Safeguarding the freedom of choice of each one, will not we be under the cultural yoke of a single female model? Do we think about the women used in advertising and mass communication?”

From the respect that deserve us all the beliefs and because this is a debate, we understand that open not only to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, but also to their bases and to society in general, we believe that we are on the right to speak in this debate.

Burqa of flesh – ¿What is the burqa?

The burka is the cloth imposed on the Afghan women of the etnia “Pashtun” (also it is used in other countries) that covers the whole body, included the hands and that has a grid at a height of the eyes where it is possible to see. The aim is to see without being seen. In west the burka is often confused with other garments as the Chador that also covers the whole body but leaves free the face or the Niqab that covers the body up to the knee, leaving only the eyes free. According to the Islam the woman must dress in accordance with a code called “Hiyab”, which for extension also gives name to the veil with which the Arabic women cover the head. According to the traditions and the interpretation of every Muslim country and every etnia the hiyab has given origin to garments that they conceal in major or less measured to women.

Burqa of flesh – Aesthetic Surgery.

On having adopted the identification “The Cosmetic surgery is like the burqa of flesh” “a definition so succeeded like cutting”, the ecclesiastic leaders in charge are wrong to our understanding on several points:

  • The burqa as we have seen is a religious imposition, destined to hide the female charms to all men and to reserve them only to the husband.
    Cosmetic surgery is not any imposition, is a free choice of people who may have serious problems with their image and that have right to fix them.
  • The burqa hides the woman for being considered to be a submissive to her husband in the first term.
    The Cosmetic surgery allows to the woman to show to others without prejudices that she had before on herself.
  • Understand that the Catholic Church tries to say that women who surrender to an intervention of cosmetic surgery are caught by a few bars that there has built a hedonistic society to which they do not interest other values, but from the respect, again they are wrong. Most of the women who come to my consultation have real problems.

The burqa in any case is much more identifiable with the habits of the nuns (those who reserve their charms only for Jesus – their husband) and that maybe are imprisoned by a few bars constructed by a theocratic society