Advice concerning breast augmentation with fat, or lipofilling of the breast

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Today’s topic is an advice concerning breast augmentation with fat or lipofilling of the breast. It is necessary to clear some questions about it.

Advice concerning breast augmentation with fat

Techniques for breast augmentation

Besides the protheses there is another way to breast augmentation: the fat transfer of other parts of the body (autologous fat). We can say that it is appropriate for women who desire increase only one bra cuo size. Also for those who requires increased fullness in the upper pole of the breast, and after conservative breast cancer surgery.
But it is essential to check with your plastic surgeon all the details of this procedure before deciding on it.

Advantages and desadvantages of fat transfer

The main advantages in fat transfer are:

  • • No extrange corps are introduced in the body, is your own fat.
  • • The fat is extracted from those places where is plenty (usually thighs or abdomen). So, a lisposuctiion is made in the same operation.

The main disadvantages in lipofilling are:

  • • With fat there is a limit of augmentation, only for a bra cup size.
  • • After years, the body reabsorbs the fat and the breast decreases in size.
  • • The worst part is that the transfer of autologous fat may cause changes to the breast architecture, although it does not alter breast density significantily. The presence of the fat in the breast may difficult the reading of the mammogram, which can mimic cancer. Even experienced radiologists are not able to differentiate these changes from cancer. If the fat cells are placed under the skin in small tunnels not in the great tissue, the far cells will grow and increase the volumen of the breast.

What can happen when the fat transfer in breast augmentation is done?

An important issue to consider is the risks that may suppose this operation. Not always happens, but is worth to have the complete information.

  • • Some infection can be produced.
  • • The appearance of cysts.
  • • Microcalcification.
  • • Necrosis of cells.
  • • Some of the trransferred fat cells may leave the breast área.

Fat transfer after breast cancer surgery

The question remains if fat that contains adipose derived stem cells is injected into a breast that has already been treated for cancer could increase the risk of local recurrence. There is no evidence about it, but it must be considered.

Associations that pronounce on breast augmentation with fat of the breast

Many associations support the idea of the risks of the fat transfer in breast augmentation. We can cite the following breast imaging for aesthetic surgery: Brittish Society odf Breast Radiology (BSBR), Association of Breast Surgery Great Britain & Ireland (ABS), British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS).

So plastic surgeons should not inject fat into the breast parenchyma, neither in breast of women with high cancer risk. Breast cancer is a serious disease and should be detected early. We do not recommend any surgical technique for aesthetic reasons that could compromise the diagnosis or could potentially increase the risk of local recurrence.

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