Augmentation of the calves

The area of the calves may require an increase in volume either because the constitution is a very thin area and you want to enhance its outline without physical exercise or to correct depressions and asymmetries associated with muscle diseases or trauma.

This increase in volume can be obtained by two methods:

  • By injecting own fat after performing liposuction in another area, achieving moderate volume increases and correction of depressions and asymmetries.
  • By placing silicone gel prosthesis specifically designed for this area, which are inserted through an incision in the posterior fold of the knee, placed under the calf fascia. Anesthesia for this procedure may be general or epidural.

This intervention is often associated with liposuction of fat areas at the knees and ankles, thus trying to improve all the leg as an aesthetic unit. After the operation you must wear a bandage for 2 to 3 days and may increasingly incorporate into their working lives after 4-5 days on rest.

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