Code of Ethics

Dr. Mayo

Professional Rigour. Our training and educational qualifications along with the long career and experience that supports us make apply medical knowledge with rigour and medical deontology. We assess each individual case and apply personalized treatment to each patient.

Confidentiality. The data of our patients are treated with the utmost discretion by all our staff and records are strictly confidential.

Clarity. Before beginning treatment, our patients receive all the information on the technique used, the results of which they foresee as well as possible side effects, always without creating false expectations.

Elements of distinction

Annual monitoring program of mammary implants

We have for 7 years been pioneers in developing a program of annual monitoring of mammary implants. It is addressed to all those women who have mammary implants and want to be sure that evolution is normal and don’t have any complication in mammary implants or any disease.

Now more than three hundred women who wanted to join the monitoring plan have been revised. It consists of a notarized annual review, which includes an exploration in practice and execution of all the imaging studies (mammography, ultrasound or MRI) required for the perfect control of the implants and mammary gland. Each case is considered individually, based on the age of the mammary implants, the patient’s age and medical history. A team of expert radiologists in controlling breast scans ensures control.

This annual monitoring plan has been presented at the last National Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 2009.

Secondary mammary implant surgery has been a subject of great interest for our team, after being the first to organize an international symposium on this topic in 2008, which brought together nearly three hundred specialists in plastic surgery of the breast around the world.

Warranty good results in mammary augmentation surgery with implants

We offer a guarantee of good results to all patients we operate on mammary augmentation. We are the first to offer a guarantee of good results in cosmetic surgery. After eight years, WE HAVE DONE OVER 1000 guaranteed interventions of increase mammoplasty.

  • Patients requiring hospitalization in the Nisa Aravaca Hospital , will have preferential rooms in our surgical floor, plus all the central services available for the Hospital: REANIMATION, ICU, RADIODIAGNOSTICS (MRI, SCAN, ULTRASOUND, GENERAL RADIOLOGY) LABORATORY AND A SET OF 24 MEDICAL SPECIALITIES.
  • Program of preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery specifically designed for us, that by combining different massage techniques and medical supervision will help to prepare the skin before surgery and a quick recovery after surgery with good tissue adaptation and shortening the time before working again and restarting social life for our patients.
  • Lifelong dedication to the study of Plastic Surgery, incorporating novel techniques in our clinical practice after a rigorous monitoring of results. This is something agreed by our medical team and contrasted with the most renowned specialists in the world with whom we have contact at international conferences.
  • Own team of anesthesiologists which you will have the opportunity to meet before each intervention. Experts recognized in all anesthetic techniques: sedation, local-regional anesthesia, general anesthesia with laryngeal mask, TIVA technique, inhalation …, resuscitation and pain therapeutics.
  • Spanish-English bilingual care by all medical team and administrative assistants of the Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.
  • Chauffeured transportation service from home to hospital and from hospital to home for all patients who request it.
Servicio de Chofer-Dr. Mayo-Instituto de Cirugía Estética y Plástica

Chauffer transportation

  • The indication for treatment is guided by Dr. Mayo according to you, without involving third parties, intermediaries or non-medical staff in the decisions of what will be done.

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