Cosmetic Surgery in Young people


Worldwide interventions of cosmetic surgery in children under age 18 is estimated representing around 10% of the total. This rate contrasts with the Spanish who diminishes to 1.3%, of which almost half are Otoplasty (ear correction).
In The United States the percentage of interventions of cosmetic surgery in minors is 3 % on the total.
The topic is controversial for several reasons, first we meet the physical suitability, the adolescence is a period of changes and it is not possible to know which will be the physical aspect of the persons until this one does not finish and which would be exactly the surgical necessary change that fits adequately in this future.

Cosmetic surgery in Minors – Motivations

While adults often decide to aesthetic surgery by physical problems that result in the most obvious cases. Boys or girls aged 13 to 19 who want to be make them an intervention of this type tend to have a different motivation and this is none other than the blend with their group, they want to normally look the guy or girl of your environment that is admired and that usually is the voice within the friends or school. The boys do not have the intellectual maturity which will provide us with a certain detachment from the environment and give us the tools to know what is really good for us.

It is also true that many of them have complexes with a motivation as real as that may be adult persons.

Cosmetic surgery in children – Spanish Legislation

According to the Spanish law it is possible to perform cosmetic surgery procedures to people of any age, is clear that the age of majority is set at age 18 and until that age minors needed the consent of their parents or guardians.

There are autonomous regions, such as the Andalusian, that have legislated to carry out plastic surgery on children incorporating the requirement that the child has to be measured from the psychological point of view by a recognized professional and independent medical center who will perform the intervention, so judge and rule on its maturity and the suitability of the surgery.

Cosmetic surgery in minors – Prohibitions in the world

In Colombia is advanced a project of law defended by the senator Óscar Mauricio Lizcano to prohibit a series of cosmetic surgeries between those who are the breast augmentation and of buttocks and liposuctions as well as the utilization of the botox and other technologies of aesthetic character.

In Argentina the deputy Mara Brawer of the “FpV” (front for victory) presented in March 2015 another draft legislation to prohibit the aesthetic surgeries with a “cultural pattern” or what is the same thing that do not have a therapeutic character, thus would be excluded that aesthetic restorative interventions, both in the physical aspect as a psychic. Currently it is discussed for approval.

More frequent Cosmetic Surgeries in minors

The cosmetic surgeries most demanded between the minors are:


Is considered that it may be performed when the nose has been developed by 90% that would be achieved in girls over the age of 14 and boys of 16, but it is waiting for the total development of the nose and face, we can be talking about 19-year-old, since of the final result realize before surely it will not be the awaited one.


This is the cosmetic surgery that more is realized in minors, has a few connotations different from the previous one and yes it is in usually approached in the infantile age.
The dreaded “bullying” (school harassment) is a factor that often makes the own parents of the children come to a professional of the plastic and cosmetic surgery in order that he corrects his ears of breath and stop being calling him “Dumbo” in the school.


In spite of the fact that the breast augmentations are very demanded by youngsters from 16 years these are not typically perform, because as in the case of the rhinoplasty, the body is not fully developed and may constitute an error.
But there are countries where it is not strange that the parents pay a breast augmentation as a gift of graduation or of adult age to their daughters.


Another mistake that the minors are in the habit of demanding is the liposuction, in their belief that this is a technique intended to lose weight, and this is not really. Liposuction is designed to remove accumulation of grease, as it is the case of cellulitis, but cellulite is often not present at this age.
It is best when you’re young to tackle the problem of overweight with a proper diet and exercise.