Surgery for men

For a long time men have been reluctant to resort to cosmetic medicine and surgery to improve their body image, having to settle for what nature had given them, partly for fear of social rejection. But the abrupt cultural change experienced in the world has brought men close to cosmetic surgery consultations, and today they constitute 20% of all patients, and this figure is going on the increase.

One of the fundamental reasons that lead men to seek a better physical appearance are the demands of work, especially for those men working with the public.

Facial surgery

Among the most requested surgeries are all performed in the facial region, trying to erase the passing of the years, looking tired or getting a more balanced face: rhinoplasty, removal of fat bags or blepharoplasty, correction of protruding ears or otoplasty and facial and cervical lifting.

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Pectoral surgery

Another of the problems that arise in the consultation is the correction of gynecomastia (excessive growth of the mammary gland in the male) that affects between 40% and 60% of the male population. On the contrary, an increase in volume in the chest area can be done in men who wish to have a greater aspect of muscle development in this area or those showing asymmetries in this area.

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Corporal surgery

The growing cult of the body has made that along with a healthy diet and doing regular sport, men come to the body aesthetic surgery to remove fat deposits mainly in the abdominal region, flanks and back by liposuction or abdominoplasty, and to improve body proportions by increasing implanted or fat pecs, glutes and calves.

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