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Cirugía Estética y plástica -donde operamos

Nisa Pardo Hospital in Aravaca

All of our surgeries are performed in hospitals, which offer a full warranty regarding the equipment of operating theatres and care of any complications that could be presented.

According to the statistical study of 2012 on Nisa Pardo Hospital in Aravaca over 2800 plastic surgeries have been performed in this hospital which is the leader in Spain in this specialty.

And so, taking into account your welfare, we offer one of the most recognized and specialized centres of this moment for intervention to be performed.

Nisa hospitals

It sprang up 40 years ago with a mission that still remains today: “To provide medical professionals the most qualified human resources and advanced technical aids required in any medical-surgical specialty”.

Nisa Pardo Hospital in Aravaca is designed to meet all medical-surgical needs. And the experience of Nisa Hospitals has served to ensure quality of service provided to both doctors practicing in it their profession and patients and their companions from the first day.

Cirugía Estética y plástica -quirófano

Technology pioneer

All units and services of Nisa Pardo Hospital in Aravaca have been equipped with advanced technology. What stands out are the 64-slice CAT and last generation MRI that has shaped the Image Diagnostic Service. The ICU, both pediatric and adult, and surgical equipment are, from the technological point of view, of the most advanced of Spain.

Cirugía Estética y plástica -donde operamos


Professionals working at the Nisa Pardo Hospital in Aravaca have been carefully selected. The personal attention and the ability to convey trust through a friendly and approachable treatment is definitely a value.

Cirugía Estética y plástica -donde operamos

Welfare and comfort

The hospital is located in a privileged setting surrounded by spacious gardens that invites you to relax. Through a careful interior design project, Nisa Hospitals has created spaces that convey comfort and welfare, all with the firm intention that patients, companions and visitors have the most pleasant possible stay.

Hospital Nisa Pardo de Aravaca

La Salle, 12
28023 Madrid

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