It is an outpatient procedure, performed with local anesthesia when the patient is an adult. In childhood cases normally we work with general anesthesia. A thorough remodeling of the cartilage of the ear allows us to change the shape of the ears, adapting the result to the goals of our patients.

Otoplastia o cirugía de las orejas

There are multiple deformities of the pinna, which can range from the total absence of it, to minimal alterations in the form. The most common is the Hellix valgus deformity, which is basically what is known as protruding ears (head detached). The protruding ears can cause serious personal and emotional relationship problems especially in the final periods of childhood and early adolescence.

Otoplasty for correction of Hellix valgus is a simple operation that is performed through an incision in the back of the ear, consisting of resection and remodeling of the cartilaginous structure of the pinna. The scar is therefore hidden behind the ear.

It can be made from 6 years of age, which is when the ear has acquired almost the size of the adult ear.

This operation is usually performed under local anesthesia by combining, depending on the complexity of this intervention or on patient preferences, sedation, although with restless or uncooperative children in general anesthesia may be needed.

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