The correction of deformities of the upper and lower eyelid involves a precise amount of fat and excess skin removal. This surgical procedure is called blepharoplasty.

Blefaroplastia madrid

When eyelid skin is excessive, with folds or bags, the expression is tired, sick or aged. The aging of the eyelids and the appearance of bags and dark circles are the result of the passage of the years, but there is a predisposition that makes some people exhibit these signs at younger ages. As excess skin and fat bags develops in the upper eyelid, the palpebral crease is less apparent. Eyelid skin descends and covers the tip of the fold or is even supported on the eyelashes. These changes give the upper eyelid a sad, tired and in some cases angry look. When changes are greatly exaggerated, they can even disrupt vision.

The protrusion of the fat bags in the lower eyelids is very apparent in some people, even at young ages, causing those commonly called “dark circles”. The bags can not be camouflaged by makeup, producing a tired and sickly aspect.

Rejuvenating without changing the expression is the key to a good result in this operation. Not only bags and excess skin of the eyelids are treated, we must consider the position of the eyebrows, the shape of the cheekbones and all the anatomical structures that surround the eyes and define our gaze. Each patient has an appropriate technique for his or her case, there is no standard operation for anyone

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