Chemical peel

This is the application to the skin of a chemical irritant or caustic agent that accelerates the normal peeling process and then it produces a regeneration and it improves its appearance. The peeling may be more or less deep depending on the problem you want to treat, and it can improve from fine wrinkles and superficial pigmentation to deep wrinkles, seborrheic keratoses, acne scars, melasma…

Abrasion removes impurities and stimulates cell renewal, promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and removes sebum and comedones and improves the transfer of melanin.

Depending on the level of action of the substance used we can talk about: superficial, medium and deep peel.

  • Peel of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, kojic acid, phytic acid: epidermal renewal by a surface exfoliation caused by AHAs. They have moisturizing, keratolytic and sebum regulating properties, that result in increased hydration and skin firmness. Suitable for facial skin rejuvenation moderately damaged by the sun and surface patches.
  • TCA, nomelan phenol, retinoic Peels: skin resurfacing through deeper exfoliation that active synthesis of collagen while it lightens patches. Suitable for rejuvenation of skins severely damaged by the sun, facial blemishes, fine wrinkles, acne, hyperkeratosis, old scars…

After the treatment we can observe a healthier appearance of the skin, which increases its smoothness and elasticity and it reduces the signs of aging, blemishes, fine lines and small irregularities.

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