The corrective surgery for breast ptosis (drooping of the nipple-areola complex below its normal situation) is called mastopexy and aims to raise the areola and nipple, get a shape and volume of the breast aesthetically correct and achieve that scars remain as hidden as possible.

Mastopexia (elevación de las mamas) 1

Breast ptosis is a morphological phenomenon secondary to normal physiological processes such as aging and pregnancy, or pathological processes such as mammary hypertrophy or obesity.

The stability  and suspension of the breast depends on several factors: the glandular histology, its supporting connective tissue, and above all skin.

In ptosis skin will extend and the mammary gland will accumulate in the lower area.

Mastopexia (elevación de las mamas) 2

Small breast ptosis is usually caused by aging. In large breasts, to this factor traction produced by gravity due to the weight of the breast is added. The same occurs during pregnancy or after major weight fluctuations.

Various examples of treatments include: placement of anatomical implants, periareolar skin resection, resection of skin and gland with T or vertical scar and others.

The choice of one method or another depends on individual factors of each patient, the degree of ptosis and the quality of the skin.

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