Mammary reduction

In some women oversized breasts get to produce real health problems, apart from the aesthetic themselves, such as skin wounds or even erosion by abrasion on the shoulders caused by pressure from bra straps, back pain, neck or shoulders, or eczema in submammary folds by accumulation of sweat in that area.

Reducción de pechos

Reducing the volume or size of the breasts surgically is called reduction mammoplasty. When only the breasts are lifted, without significantly reducing the volume, we speak of mastopexy.

The size or volume that breasts reach in their development depends on several factors and not all of them are known, and the heredity factor is important .

Reduction mammoplasty is performed with general anesthesia. It includes the removal of part of the gland and skin left over from the breast. This removal should be done, of course, so as to allow to remodel the breast again, to give it the most aesthetic possible form.

Reducción de pechos

There are multiple techniques for a reduction mammoplasty. Suffice it to mention that when it is required to reduce significantly the size of breasts or when they are drooping heavily, the mammary reduction causes scars. They are visible when the woman is naked, but are easily concealed with a bra or bikini reduced in size. No scars in the neck area.

The technique we use allows us to make this intervention in just two hours in surgery, with little bleeding and rapid postoperative recovery and with very little pain. Systematically we analyze the removed tissue to make sure the patient does not suffer from that disease in her breasts. We have a protocol for scars treatment that begins in the operation itself, in which no external stitches are given. Our suture technique and scars aftercare ensure the best possible cosmetic result.

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